How to Activate Hulu Device on Computer – enter activation code for hulu at and sign in to your account so that you can stream unlimited entertainment at one place and hulu subscription can get activated. If you face any issues in creating hulu account or hulu activation, contact hulu support team.

What is Hulu?

Hulu is a third party channel that comes with paid online streaming service over Roku that is a joint venture via Disney, 21st Century Fox, Comcast the cable providers. AT&T captures 10% while each of the other partners captures 30% each. It was firstly launched as a non tariff based service but Hulu Plus was added to it in the mid 2010 as a tariff based subscription. With Hulu Plus as well, you unmoving have the commercials and advertisements stumbling blocks but got many exciting contents which were not in present in the free service, also got admittance to the content from the up to date streaming seasons of a show plus the show’s entire library. Correspondingly alike Netflix and Amazon, Hulu has its own list of alluring content that is easily accessible only on Hulu.

Know the cost to subscribe Hulu on Roku?

Hulu provides lot of different subscription plans. The prices begin from 5.99 – $11.99 per month on the other hand Hulu + Live TV begins from $54.99 per month. If you are in a process to sign up to Hulu + Live TV, you can stream it on your Roku smart streaming 4k devices by simply casting the channel and logging into the service with your account credentials such as your user name and the password. Hulu + Live TV costs an expenditure of $45 per month, but if you upgrade your services to Hulu with no advertisements and Live TV, it will cost you a spending of $51 per month so you have different plans according to your budget. Getting a lot of extended benefits that can enjoy by simply going to the channel and looking for the stuff that you wanted to stream on. Below there are a few steps that you can proceed with in order to make your device activated.

You can activate the online streaming service HULU on your Roku smart streaming device by following below mentioned simple steps

Step-1 Firstly download and install Hulu on the smart device from the website Hulu com activate on your PC or an Android /iPhone or you can also add the channel HULU from Home menu of Roku channel store.

Step-2 For adding it from the channel store, directly click on the ‘Home’ button on your Roku remote and navigate to the Channel Store where you will get multiple options such as home featured free, streaming channels and search on the screen you have go to the next side where you see different channels.

Step-3 You will see over 1500 Roku channel applications that consist of Netflix, Amazon, and Sling etc and in the events HULU will be offered on your Roku device, you will spot a checkmark on the icon of the channel.

Step-4 Once you find out the HULU streaming channel choose it and press OK on your Roku remote.

Step-5 When you sense the option Add Channel, move advance and click on Ok to install/configure it.

Step-6 Go to the HULU channel swiftly by featuring ‘Go to Channel ‘or simply press the ‘Home ‘key present on your remote.

Step-7 On the channel you will get Hulu com activate. Using a mobile or a laptop that is connected with fast internet visit the above mentioned website using chrome browser.